Parkstone Yacht Club – Flying Fifteen Open 3/4 June 2017

Parkstone Yacht Club – Flying Fifteen Open 3/4 June 2017

Come an enjoy 2 days racing in Poole Bay. Entry is on line and links can be found on the Parkstone Yacht Club website at ‘Sailing’ -> ‘Major Events’ -> ‘Open Competitions’ -> Flying Fifteen Open or on the Association website on the Events page.

We are holding a social event on Saturday evening and you will be contacted, once you have entered, to see if you would like join the Parkstone Flying Fifteen class and advised on the nominal ticket cost.

There will be racing in the harbour on Friday evening start time 18:30 for those who wish to arrive early and have a sail/race.

Boats can be left at the club on the evening 28th May ,by prior arrangement, for anyone who is at Hayling that weekend and would like to drop off the boat rather than trail it home. Hope to see you on the 3rd June.

Huw Willetts Parkstone Yacht Club Flying Fifteen Class Captain

Parkstone Autumn Series – Race 2 …!!

Saturday 8th October Autumn Series race 2.
“Its never over until its over”

15 boats on the water today, Race Officer Ian Laimey set an olympic traingle course in the light northerly wind.
The fleet got away first time, and were tightly bunched at the first mark, Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts rounded in front, just clear of Mike Kilbee & Ron Elliot.
Alexander /Willetts maintained their position at the front despite strong pressure from Crispin Read Wilson/Steve Brown & Dave Tabb/Chewy Sherrell.
As the leaders rounded the final leeward mark, Alexander/Willetts must have felt confident of taking the victory, however the wind dropped and they were passed on both sides by the Tabb and Read Wilson boats.
1st Crispin Read Wilson & Steve Brown
2nd Dave Tabb & Chewey Sherrell
3rd Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts
4th Graham & Ben Scroggie

Parkstone Autumn Series Kicks Off ….!!

Saturday 1st Oct, Autumn series race 1
(Where is Oyster mark?!)

13 boats today, very respectable considering the blustery conditions and the sun was out so there was a positive vibe in the boat park. Race Officer Fi Linford set an olympic triangle course using Oyster as the first mark (all good so far).

The fleet got away first time with Pete & Jo Allam, Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts and Graham & Ben Scroggie in the leading pack. Things spread out as Pete & Jo were the only one of the leading boats to successfully find the now famous Oyster mark. This left the other front runners reaching into the mark having overshot.

Pete & Jo now had a comfortable lead and just had to keep out of trouble until the end. However, at the top of the second beat it was their turn to have trouble finding oyster and the following pack were left bemused by some of the lines they were steering.

Pete & Jo held onto the lead and finished first. Behind, the Scroggies, Bob & Huw and Martin Lewis and & Mike Riley had their own battles for the minor podium places.
1st Pete & Jo Allam
2nd Graham & Ben Scroggie
3rd Bob Alexander & Huw Wiletts
4th Martin Lewis & Mike Riley

Sail of the Day Award goes to Mike Pierce & Sandie Andrews (for mastering the blustery conditions)

Parkstone Summer Series…..!!

13 August Parkstone Summer series
Quite simply, perfect conditions, period.

Race Officer Steve Randle set a triangular course in the “Top Triangle” of the Harbour.

The fleet got away first time and the front runners soon established themselves.
The teams of Bob Alexander/Huw Willetts, Chris Gorringe/Nadia Hosie, Crispin Read Wilson/Steve Brown, Martin Lewis/Mike Riley and Patrick Keats/Chris Jermyn were cross tacking all the way to the windward mark. Alexander/Willetts just rounded in the lead. On the first reaching leg, Gorringe/Hosie hoisted the spinnaker early, a move that was to cost them dearly.

Alexander/Willetts opened up a healthy lead from Read Wilson/Brown, however Read Wilson/Brown fought hard and closed the lead but not enough to trouble Alexander/Willetts who took first place.

1st Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts
2nd Crispin Read Wilson & Steve Brown
3rd Martin Lewis & Mike Riley

Parkstone Summer Series….!!

Saturday 6th August Race 1

12 crews launched for the race in perfect conditions, clear blue skies and a warm 15-18 knot south westerly wind.

Race Office David Pipe set a Harbour tour course for race 1 of this 2 race day and the fleet got away first time, with an individual recall sounded. Many suspected the recall was for the team of Dave Tabb/Chewey Sherrell, who may have misjudged their unorthodox “dip start”, (more on that later).

The order at mark 1 was Tabb/Sherrell then Bob Alexander/Huw Willetts and then Graham Latham/Sara Briscoe. On leg 2, the leading 2 boats managed to put some distance on the rest of the fleet. At the front, Tabb/Sherrell and Alexander/Willetts locked horns and engaged in their own battle, which continued uninterrupted until the second upwind leg when the third place team of Chris Gorringe/Nadia Hosie, who had always been keeping the pressure on, made a great job of reading the tide and were cross tacking with the leaders. Tabb/Sherrell led at the end of the last upwind leg, followed by Gorringe/Hosie and Alexander/Willetts.

The downwind run from Amy Group to Bell Race Mark, followed by the reach across to Northshore Homes proved to be processional, although with the speed at which the fourth placed team of Crispin Read Wilson/Steve Brown caught the leaders, they obviously had different ideas.

After boats finished it was confirmed that Tabb/Sherrell had indeed started early meaning the results were:-
1st Chris Corringe/Nadia Hosie
2nd Bob Alexander/Huw Willetts
3rd Crispin Read Wilson/Steve Brown

Parkstone Series Race 9 ….!!

Saturday 25 June, Parkstone Spring Series race 9

Wind at last! Today crews were greeted by a fresh westerly wind. What a difference some wind makes to the atmosphere in the boat park.

Today was the also the last chance for many teams to fine tune their boats before heading off to the Nationals at Hayling Island.

11 boats headed out for the 2 races scheduled. For race 1, the race officer set a triangular course (with a kink). The lead was a tightly fought battle between Pete & Jo Allam and Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts. Both boats were never separated by more than a few boat lengths but Alexander & Willetts just managed to get an overlap at the critical final gybe mark to establish a lead they would hold to the finish.

For race 2, the Race Officer set a more conventional Olympic triangle course. Dave Tabb & Chewey Sherrell lead at the first mark, closely followed by Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts. Tabb & Sherrell held the lead, until a daring move on the second beat from Graham & Ben Scroggie gave them the lead. The Scroggies tried the same move on the last beat, this time however they were to loose out and dropped to 4th behind Patrick Keats & Chris Jermyn. This left the Tabb/Sherrell & Alexander/Willetts teams to battle for the lead and eventually Alexander/Willetts secured the lead just before the last mark and held off Tabb/Sherrell to the finish.

Race 1
1st Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts
2nd Pete & Jo Allam
3rd Dave Tabb & Chewey Sherrell

Race 2
1st Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts
2nd Dave Tabb & Chewey Sherrell
3rd Patrick Keats & Chris Jermyn

Parkstone Series, Race 8 …!!

Parkstone Shallows

Saturday 18 June, Parkstone Spring Series race 8
Shall we, shan’t we, was the talk in the boat park before today’s race. Fortunately, a light north westerly breeze filled in before the start and 11 boats took to the water.
Race officer Steve Randle set a windward leeward course keeping boats close to the club.
Dave Tabb and Chewey Sherrell led at mark one and were only ever really threatened by Pete & Jo Allam.
Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts invented a new sport of boat pushing (witnessed and photographed by Ben Scroggie) as they went a bit too far into the shallows to cheat the tide.
1st Dave Tabb & Chewey Sherrell
2nd Pete and Jo Allam
3rd Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts
4th Christina and Steve Moncur

Parkstone Spring Series, Race 6 …!!

Saturday 21st May, Parkstone Saturday Spring series race 6
Wind conditions were the complete opposite to last week. Looking at a gloomy afternoon with rain and a south westerly F 4-5 forecast, 9 boats started for a harbour tour as the tide was running out all afternoon.
The fleet got away all clear with a short windward leg to a laid mark off Brownsea before heading down the harbour towards the entrance. Pete and Jo Allam made a clean start and led the fleet around the course in gusty conditions.
There were a number of exciting reaches and down wind legs around the course before a slow reach back up the harbour towards the Quay.
After a number of retirements the results were:
1st: Pete and Jo Allam
2nd: Dave Tabb and Chewey Sherrell
3rd: Patrick Keats and Chris Jermyn
4th: Christina and Stephen Moncur
5th: Michael Borrill and Mike Gurd

Thank you to Steve Randle and his race officer team for the race today.

PS We are pleased to welcome Adrian Tattersall as a new member of the ‘leaving the boat without permission club’

Parkstone, Race 5 !!!!!

Saturday 14th May, Parkstone Spring series race 5
Wind Conditions for today’s race can only be described as constantly variable. After a postponed start, the fleet got away in very light winds.
Simon Spolton and Grant Murphy managed to find their own supply of wind and sped away to a healthy lead at the first mark with Dave Tabb and Chewey Sherrell in hot pursuit. The two boats finished a long way ahead of the rest of the fleet.
The race saw the wind coming from all points of the compass (at the same time!). At the finish, most crews were relieved just to have completed the course.
There was a second race but only 2 boats took on the challenge.
Race 1
1st Simon Spolton & Grant Murphy
2nd Dave Tabb & Chewey Sherrell
3rd Steve & Lisa Randle
Race 2
1st David Pipe & Rob Jarratt
2nd Simon Spolton & Grant Murphy

Parkstone Spring Series – Race 3….!!

Saturday 30 April Spring series Race 3
Saturday’s 12 strong fleet were greeted with a light to moderate West to North West breeze. With all other fleets racing to studland and back, the Fifteens elected for an olympic triangle course within the harbour. The fleet got away first time, with 3 boats being called back for premature starts. What followed was a very shifty and gusty race with many opportunities for gains and losses and with a big black cloud inland, the wind was always going to veer. When it did towards the end of the race, it did so in spectacular style, with a white knuckle ride to the finish.
After a long race, the fleet finished remarkably close together.
Results (to show 3 husband and wife teams in the top 6)
1st Dave Tabb & Chewey Sherrell
2nd Pete & Joanna Allam
3rd Simon Spolton & Grant Murphy
4th Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts
5th Steve & Lisa Randle
6th Christina & Steve Moncur

Parkstone Spring Series, Race 2….!!

Spring series race 2
Bright sunshine and a chilly northerly breeze greeted today’s competitors. 14 boats started the annual race to Wareham this put a premium on straight line speed as corners were in short supply, However, racing was remarkably close.
1st Bob Alexander and Huw Willetts
2nd Graham and Ben Scroggie
3rd Patrick Keats and Chris Jerymn

Parkstone Kicks Off 2016….!!

Saturday 16th April saw the start of Parkstone’s Saturday Spring Series and 10 boats lined up to compete in a light to moderate NW wind. Race Officer Nick Cornish set a course taking all fleets to the Top Triangle to make the most of the prevailing conditions.
Dave Tabb and Chewey Sherrell made a bold start on port tack, which gave them a healthy lead at the first mark, a lead they would never relinquish. Back in the pack there was close racing with much place changing.
1st Dave Tabb and Chewey Sherrell
2nd Patrick Keats and Chris Jermyn
3rd Graham and Ben Scroggie
Special mention must go to Bob Alexander and Huw Willetts who managed to claim 4th place using thier new prototype small Jib which is designed for lightweight crews.