Get Your Entry in for the Nationals NOW….!!

Hi All

I would be very grateful if you could encourage any fleet members to:



The club are really hoping that you can as they would like to plan catering, on shore entertainment etc for the event.  The Falmouth fleet and the Royal Cornwall YC are really getting behind the event and have put a huge amount of effort in already all they need to know is that you are going so please spread the word.

Follow the link to enter




Keith Jamieson

GBR 3903 Vitalstatistix

UK Flying Fifteen General Secretary

An Australian in Our Midst….!!

Over some time, we’ve had an Australian in our midst – John Hassen…  I think I first met John at the Hayling Worlds in 2011.  John has family over here, and I have family ‘over there’ – so it has made sense to chat about life a lot.

John has long nurtured his dream of campaigning a Flying Fifteen “over here” as well as “over there”.  His is a proper Two Boat Programme !!  If you’re going to the France Worlds, you’ll likely see him there too!

I’ve got to know John pretty well, as many of us have.  You might like to read his travelogue of FF sailing in Europe that he has published on the FF Australia website.

Click here to see it.