The FF on the Ovington Stand at the 2020 Dinghy Show

Apparently we can now get fully fitted boats from Ovington instead of getting the hulls there but fitting services from Phil Evans and P&B.

I would imagine that the boat in the photos below is a pretty fair copy of their World Champion boat – minus a couple of secret things!!  So Graham and Chris’ special chute arrangement is in evidence.

They have mounted their jib tracks on the vertical face of the tanks in order to make the sheeting angle even finer.  Steve Goacher had told me that he had tried this but it made the jib car slide less smoothly as the cars are not designed to take lateral loads.  I wonder of Chris has found the answer to this for their boat….

Note in the top photo the provision they have made for barbering the jib even further inboard than the jib track position. Everything is in black so you have to stare at the photo carefully!

Oh – I just noticed, the under deck furler idea is not present!!

Last point – that’s a really snazzy non-slip floor!!

Photos kindly supplied by Phil Tinsley


1 thought on “The FF on the Ovington Stand at the 2020 Dinghy Show

  1. All very clever… and I seriously appreciate the thought that has gone into it…but…I can only see these further “Arms Race” developments alienating the average punter. With current fleets already hosting boats with over 20kg weight differences (albeit some in ideally located lead), different Jib sail plans, different hull shapes, different keel weights and positions, different masts….it kinda makes a farce of the nominal “One Design” banner. And for the record I have a 20 year old, on-weight (no lead) Ovington ix smoothie with the old jib….that until a few years ago was competitive. Not now… So why would I bother going interstate to a nationals, let alone a worlds? And consequently second hand boat values are crashing…which increases the step up to a new one. No wonder the move is to Silvers & Classics! With the global economy in tatters, sailing needs to be cheaper and easier….not sure FFs are in touch with that move. Cheers Couta

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