Posh Bags at the Worlds….. !!





I spotted an alternative style of bags to the conventional that we use.
The bags pops open and closes with a bit of hand pressure. The ‘rib’ on the top that supports the bag is made of batten like material which is fitted in tension.
It’s tidy and suits if you want good vision to the rig tension markings on the mast.
I still prefer the standard Goacher / P&B bags as the stiffness in this Aussie alternative could mean pain in rushed kite stowage and the kicker could hold them closed
Note the branding, Aussie wit!




One thought on “Posh Bags at the Worlds….. !!

  1. I invented these 10 years ago as a cheap alternative using garden shade cloth and the batten is the plastic batten used by builders to join floor boards. The battens in sails are too stiff. One side of bag is fixed to the inwalls and you need to get the length of the battern exact so that it just leaves a tiny gap from the inwalls. It is easy to flick open before dropping the spinacker but you do not need to open it for launching even with the boom vang/kicker on that same side as the spinaker. If doing a throw set from windward side it is easier to grab the whole spinaker as the bag opens very wide. After using this you will want one unless you feel obliged to spend too much on a brand name.

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