Parkstone Autumn Series Kicks Off ….!!

Saturday 1st Oct, Autumn series race 1
(Where is Oyster mark?!)

13 boats today, very respectable considering the blustery conditions and the sun was out so there was a positive vibe in the boat park. Race Officer Fi Linford set an olympic triangle course using Oyster as the first mark (all good so far).

The fleet got away first time with Pete & Jo Allam, Bob Alexander & Huw Willetts and Graham & Ben Scroggie in the leading pack. Things spread out as Pete & Jo were the only one of the leading boats to successfully find the now famous Oyster mark. This left the other front runners reaching into the mark having overshot.

Pete & Jo now had a comfortable lead and just had to keep out of trouble until the end. However, at the top of the second beat it was their turn to have trouble finding oyster and the following pack were left bemused by some of the lines they were steering.

Pete & Jo held onto the lead and finished first. Behind, the Scroggies, Bob & Huw and Martin Lewis and & Mike Riley had their own battles for the minor podium places.
1st Pete & Jo Allam
2nd Graham & Ben Scroggie
3rd Bob Alexander & Huw Wiletts
4th Martin Lewis & Mike Riley

Sail of the Day Award goes to Mike Pierce & Sandie Andrews (for mastering the blustery conditions)

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