Latest from Justin on the New Jib….!!

After a bit of rooting around today I’ve had some really positive
feedback from both Greg (as attached) and Charles.

Greg will have a video from ‘Riggy’ shortly too.

Charles’s reply (below) to my question of ‘what’s the new jib like?’ after
his trials was amazingly straight forward and honest with someone of the
known technical knowledge and ability that comes with 40 years of sailing
ffs at the front of the fleet.

…..New jib is brilliant, you can see where you are going, easier to pull
in and boat goes really well with it. An absolute must and I wish we had
more notification to get people on board because I think most people thought
the issue was going away. It will also last longer .. Not around the mast
so much .

As I keep telling the children…..’it’s good to talk’!

One thought on “Latest from Justin on the New Jib….!!

  1. Ok, here is my ten pence worth.

    I think the new jib and lead reduction is a great idea and definitely an improvement and step forward.

    As a class we want to retain the traditional design (in my view not using mylar sails which I think is a step too far) but we should not remain static and unwilling to change and progress. Reducing the lead is a no brainier and it will improve downwind surfing and speed.

    In terms of the proposed jib, the current jib sheet loads are very high and a disadvantage for smaller crews. Chris and I used ratchets on our boat (although Chris will maintain he is just as hard as Phil Evans) but the reason for the ratchets is that you simply cannot ease the jib accurately in 15 knots plus. Reducing the foot length will help and the proposal is a higher aspect more efficient and modern looking design. If you look at all modern boats they simply do not overlap the jib and main. The proposal also sorts the ugly gap between the deck and the foot caused by the furler, but this also creates a more efficient jib, stopping the air flow from escaping.

    The change is subtle and I would expect most boats would get away with their existing tracks, or moving the track one bolt hole forward and redrilling. Half a day job. On the current jib most boats only use the back 6inchs of the back of the time, right back at cleat. If boats start using the new jib then the front of the tracks will be used in light to med winds, which has the massive advantage that the jib car will be able to be moved further back in stronger winds, (proportionally far greater aft than the current jib) helping to open the slot more and depowering the boat better.

    I also agree with the comments about the blind spot and the fact tacking will be easier.

    So I would encourage all to vote in favour.

    On a separate note, unfortunately Chris and I will not be competing at the world’s in nzl, so unable to defend our title. My wife Katherine and I were blessed with twin girls in March and with a three year old boy we have our hands full!

    Massive thank you to Chris. Not only the best crew in the world (and best boat builder) but also a great friend. Without his support and generosity i would never have started sailing again in 2010. We have had an amazing 5 – 6 years and unbeaten since 2010 (it helps only sailing one or twice a year) but the highlights are winning three consecutive world championships each with a race to spare, the HK and French nationals and winning all races at the UK nats at the wonderful Parkstone y.c. Our win rate at major champs was over 50%. We’ve had an amazing run but best of all made some great friends and had a lot of fun. Time to bow out for a while.

    Good luck to everyone. Chris and I will be back in a few years.

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