Parkstone Summer Series….!!

Saturday 6th August Race 1

12 crews launched for the race in perfect conditions, clear blue skies and a warm 15-18 knot south westerly wind.

Race Office David Pipe set a Harbour tour course for race 1 of this 2 race day and the fleet got away first time, with an individual recall sounded. Many suspected the recall was for the team of Dave Tabb/Chewey Sherrell, who may have misjudged their unorthodox “dip start”, (more on that later).

The order at mark 1 was Tabb/Sherrell then Bob Alexander/Huw Willetts and then Graham Latham/Sara Briscoe. On leg 2, the leading 2 boats managed to put some distance on the rest of the fleet. At the front, Tabb/Sherrell and Alexander/Willetts locked horns and engaged in their own battle, which continued uninterrupted until the second upwind leg when the third place team of Chris Gorringe/Nadia Hosie, who had always been keeping the pressure on, made a great job of reading the tide and were cross tacking with the leaders. Tabb/Sherrell led at the end of the last upwind leg, followed by Gorringe/Hosie and Alexander/Willetts.

The downwind run from Amy Group to Bell Race Mark, followed by the reach across to Northshore Homes proved to be processional, although with the speed at which the fourth placed team of Crispin Read Wilson/Steve Brown caught the leaders, they obviously had different ideas.

After boats finished it was confirmed that Tabb/Sherrell had indeed started early meaning the results were:-
1st Chris Corringe/Nadia Hosie
2nd Bob Alexander/Huw Willetts
3rd Crispin Read Wilson/Steve Brown

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