Parkstone, Race 5 !!!!!

Saturday 14th May, Parkstone Spring series race 5
Wind Conditions for today’s race can only be described as constantly variable. After a postponed start, the fleet got away in very light winds.
Simon Spolton and Grant Murphy managed to find their own supply of wind and sped away to a healthy lead at the first mark with Dave Tabb and Chewey Sherrell in hot pursuit. The two boats finished a long way ahead of the rest of the fleet.
The race saw the wind coming from all points of the compass (at the same time!). At the finish, most crews were relieved just to have completed the course.
There was a second race but only 2 boats took on the challenge.
Race 1
1st Simon Spolton & Grant Murphy
2nd Dave Tabb & Chewey Sherrell
3rd Steve & Lisa Randle
Race 2
1st David Pipe & Rob Jarratt
2nd Simon Spolton & Grant Murphy

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