Redefining what “River Sailing” Means !! The FF East Coast Championships at Burnham ….!!!

Please take this as your invitation to the Burnham Open/ ‘Flying Fifteen East Coast Championships on June 18th/19th

As always you’ll be greeted with coffee or tea, once launched at the marina you’ll get committee boat starts (from Edwin Buckley and his team) and river racing on the Saturday, followed by a beer as you come off the boat (which are all left afloat in the marina overnight), supper for all at the Club is seemingly a ‘must’ attend evening. Sunday is Olympic courses, usually at the point where the River Crouch meets the River Roach, all followed by a prize giving tea at the Club to send you home.

Accommodation ~ there are some rooms at the Club (book early to avoid disappointment 01621 782 105) or there are numerous B&B’s or the White Hart Hotel in the quay.

I’d be very grateful for a positive indication that you’re coming so we can plan! …….please do spread the word around your Club.

And for those who think a River is too small….it can host events for 30 Dragons, has hosted Cadet Nationals of 150, and has hosted 50 Squibs too….so please do think again! It offers interesting and challenging sailing and although boat speed is important, thinking outside of the boat for river advantage is one of the other aspects that make it a refreshing change from the norm.

The NoR’s will be out shortly

Do call or email if you have any questions

01799 586279
M: 077 699 048 44

Ed.  Burnham is brilliant – try it!  Is the Ganges bigger?

Click here for the NOR

Click here for the SIs


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