Adam Kingston on Worlds and The Like….!!

For a multitude of reasons we did not travel from Australia for this event, although we are planning to do the next event in New Zealand – as long as the logistics of an Australian Nationals in Esperance and a Worlds, 6 weeks later in NZ with a 4,000 km drive thrown into the mix before packing into containers for the NZ journey.

In relation to the comments regarding future regattas, I understand the limitation on time and also the cost issues etc, however, I’m unsure of why we would be considering cramming a World championship into 4 days? The limitation seems to be the desire to have 7 races, why would we not look to hold a regatta with 12 or 14 races. The World’s fleet only competes on a bi-annual basis, surely everyone would prefer to increase the amount of sailing?

On the point of promoting the class to younger sailors, I am incomplete agreement with Patrick. My first Worlds was in Cowes in 1997 and I was one of the younger competitors,18 years and 4 additional Worlds later and I’m still one of the younger competitors, I find this very concerning. For the global fleet to develop and prosper, focus has to be on making the fleet more attractive. The proposal for a revised sail plan was made 6 years ago and seems to have died a slow and painful death, whether that is the right strategy or not (personally I think it would be a great start), there needs to be multiple strategies on how to take the fleet forward – perhaps, this could be the focus of the new President and the legacy he can leave…

1 thought on “Adam Kingston on Worlds and The Like….!!

  1. You do have to question a Worlds where we try and wrap up sailing one day before the prize giving. However we should also recognise that we nearly didn’t have a Worlds at all due to Hyeres withdrawing. Thanks to Morgat, Greg, Patrick Constance and a few others I’m sure we actually got an event. A big tank you to them.
    As to getting the class going I’m afraid it comes down to a few enthusiastic individuals. I’m sorry that at the moment I can’t be counted as one of them. The example at Poole is worth viewing. The class captain Hugh and Lisa the social secretary do huge amounts to encourage us all to go sailing, come to class functions etc. no race goes un reported. The result is more members and more people wanting to join the class.
    As a national and a world class this is what we need to do. So please guys and girls at all clubs get your social media going, ring your friends and tell the world what a great class the 15 is.
    PS simplify the rules!!!!!

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