Worlds Now From Patrick Condy….!!

so a few comments on the last section of the post from a sports development student.
As far as the next generation of the class, there is next to no movement in younger people to join the class in anything other than classic level, me and three friends all own and race classics. there needs to be a push to get more younger people involved in the class. Realistically it is not going to be possible for a younger person on the whole to buy a brand new boat and drive it. so having a matching programme where boat owners can go for experienced and trained crew would be beneficial.
For example if the class where to run training events for younger people who are keen to be involved in the class, thus building up time in 15s and understanding of the systems then there would be a large database to pull names from if new owners or people who are short of crew can phone up and find someone in their area.
The location of the worlds, having the worlds closer to home this year has made me and a few others consider the cost as it would be less to reach them in comparison to having them else wear. I’m aware that they must move to where the fleets are but I think this should be pointed out when trying to increase participation from a younger generation into what can be an expensive class that having the worlds further afield is a barrier to participation.
As far as PR goes, having a PR rep for the week who would work for the class is something other class such as the half tonners have used and it works well to promote the class. having daily updates on the top end of the fleet, but also of the battles that happen throughout the fleet. by using video footage of the class making it look appealing, and then promoting it to the correct demographic will give the class exposer, but promoting through just Facebook and a website is no longer good enough. the class need to engage with other outlet forms to increase exposer and to increase participation.
Patrick Condy
GBR 516

1 thought on “Worlds Now From Patrick Condy….!!

  1. For a multitude of reasons we did not travel from Australia for this event, although we are planning to do the next event in New Zealand – as long as the logistics of an Australian Nationals in Esperance and a Worlds, 6 weeks later in NZ with a 4,000 km drive thrown into the mix before packing into containers for the NZ journey.

    In relation to the comments regarding future regattas, I understand the limitation on time and also the cost issues etc, however, I’m unsure of why we would be considering cramming a World championship into 4 days? The limitation seems to be the desire to have 7 races, why would we not look to hold a regatta with 12 or 14 races. The World’s fleet only competes on a bi-annual basis, surely everyone would prefer to increase the amount of sailing?

    On the point of promoting the class to younger sailors, I am incomplete agreement with Patrick. My first Worlds was in Cowes in 1997 and I was one of the younger competitors,18 years and 4 additional Worlds later and I’m still one of the younger competitors, I find this very concerning. For the global fleet to develop and prosper, focus has to be on making the fleet more attractive. The proposal for a revised sail plan was made 6 years ago and seems to have died a slow and painful death, whether that is the right strategy or not (personally I think it would be a great start), there needs to be multiple strategies on how to take the fleet forward – perhaps, this could be the focus of the new President and the legacy he can leave…

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