Worlds – David McKee’s View….!!

I am in agreement with Hamish’s comments, we should review our Championships format. For us the French trip took 15 days door to door and I think we sailed on 7 days a total of 13 races. The stay in Morgat was enjoyable and we were made very welcome however this was poor use of time. I do not think we need more races, we just need to fit in more over a shorter time.I would be in favour of a 2 races a day schedule for the World Championships which could therefore be sailed over say 4 days maximum. I think the target time should be 75 to 80 minutes for the first boat and agree that we should only use triangles when there are the right conditions. There should be provision to sail 3 shorter races on a day if necessary.

One other point is the amount of time taken by Scruiteneering. We should open a debate about how we deal with this. It is very time consuming to carry out the full Scruiteneering process and this is difficult to manage as there isn’t an even flow of work. the Scruiteneering process this time effectively took 4 days . is there a better or more efficient way this can be accomplished whilst still complying with our ISAF status. I don’t know the answer but like all involved would like to find a way of making this an easier process for all.

David McKee

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