Cowes Classics Week

Entry Deadline

CSCCW_logo03_2_2014With 153 boats already entered to this year’s Charles Stanley Cowes Classics Week the event promises to be as great as ever. If you’ve entered already, we’ll look forward to seeing you there.

If you haven’t yet entered and wish to join us, we will continue to accept entries before midnight on Friday 3 July with no additional entry fee. Thereafter, and before 18 July, a late entry fee of £75 will apply. We need to know final numbers now as we are finalising orders for supplies for the event.

If you need any further tempting, it promises to be a spectacular week on the water with Panerai British Classic Week taking place at the same time and featuring the schooner Eleonora, the 19mR Mariquita, Coral of Cowes an 80’ gaff schooner and 94’ Sumurun (the famous Fifie sailed over from New York), all in Cowes for the summer celebrations of the RYS Bicentenary.

Enter online at If you have any problems in entering please contact Jill Stevenson, Regatta Secretary, on 01983 299 727.

Social Events

There are still social tickets available for purchase through the website. Before midnight on Friday 17 July all tickets are subject to a discount of 10%. Again, any problems with booking, contact Jill Stevenson.

The parties, suppers & dinners have always been an integral part of Charles Stanley Cowes Classics Week with a programme of events that take us to various Clubs in Cowes and to the Royal Victoria in Fishbourne.

Crew Clothing

Branded clothing with custom naming is available via the Event Website.

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