UKFFA Members Vote….!!

If you have just received your 2015 members pack from FFA you will see that we have a members vote this year.

The vote is basically to do away with restrictions that prevent us buying more than one suit of sails per year, excepting for new boat purchase and Worlds….

This ought get your interest!!

– What do you think the impact would be on various parts of the fleet?

– What impact for Club sailors?

– What do you think it will do to the market for new and used sails?  Good or bad?

– What will be the effect on potential newcomers to the Class?

– Is it all good news for the sailmakers?

If you haven’t yet filled in your voting form, don’t forget to do so.  Scan your forms to the Association Secretary if you can’t get to a post box.  If you are not an Association member, this vote might be one worth joining for!!

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements at the Association website.

Leave replies to this blog to share your opinions. Just hit “Reply”…..




2 thoughts on “UKFFA Members Vote….!!

  1. The vote is not basically to do away with the restriction the vote is to submit the rule change proposal to FFI. It’s also not binding as the decision needs to be made at the AGM, it’s is an opportunity to put a view forward to the discussion. The text says as much, does no one read anymore.

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