The Dovestone Open !!

Flying Fifteens at Dovestone. 11/12 April 2015


This year’s format for the first event of the Waples Wines Northern Travellers Series started with 3 coaching sessions on Saturday morning. Andy Weatherspoon provided a session on “teamwork and crewing “with a discussion on the balance of input between helm and crew. Andy McKee followed this with a session on starting. Both of these produced lively debate, provided pointers and food for thought.

Harry Brown, RYA rules GURU and Jury member promoted a discussion on the point that when we enter a race we effectively contract to sail in accordance with the rules and fairly. We all want to enjoy our sailing and need to work together to ensure we can. Harry then concentrated on leeward mark rounding’s. Harry will provide further insight into the RRS’s at the final Waples Wines series event at Burton later in the year.


The forecast for the weekend was severe with predicted winds on Saturday at force 6 gusting 7 and on Sunday force 7 gusting 9. There was a high risk no sailing would take place however on Saturday whilst windy it was sailable. Due to the weather forecast the Race Officer Mark Rahn decided to get in 3 shorter back to back races to ensure a good series would be held. As it happened the first race was the windiest producing 2 injury retirements and a broken rudder resulting from the severe gusts.

The following races were completed in bright sunlight and winds decreasing to force 3-4. Andy McKee with Rich Jones showed the way with 3 firsts and Andy and Tom Goddard were also consistency with 2 second and one 3rd places. There were also good performances from Malcolm and Elliott Hall, Colin Pierce/Mandy Thackray and Rod Rowlands/Karl in the classic 496. With overnight concerns that no sailing would be possible on Sunday most of the fleet socialised and enjoyed a good meal at “Roaches Lock”. On Sunday morning the forecast was still severe however it was just saleable. 3 intrepid crews decided to demonstrate their skills.

At start time the wind was rising and 2 short races were scheduled. The two Andy’s and Colin managed to survive the first race , the McKee/Jones duo complete their 4th first place, the Goddard’s were second and Pierce/Thackray completed the line-up. However as the gusts and occasional twisters blew through prudence prevailed, racing was abandoned and all retired to watch the full gale force flay the reservoir from the warmth and safety of the club house.

The Open results were as follows.

1st 4002 Andy McKee/Rich Jones Dovestone SC 3pts

2nd 4022 Andy and Tom Goddard Dovestone SC 6pts

3rd 3391 Colin Pierce/Mandy Thackray Dovestone SC 11pts

1st Silver 1st Classic 496 Rod Rowlands/Karl Dovestone SC 16pts




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