Merchandised Kit …!!

Datchetman has just had a great coffee drinking afternoon in Melbourne talking flying fifteens!!

One of many things that had come up in conversation today was merchandised kit. UK based readers of the FF Blog will know that the UK Association has recently launched a great new range of FF logo clothing to help promote the Class. Between coffees here today we also discussed logo’d rash vests and towels as prizes or just to buy – instead of the traditional T-shirt or polo shirt approach. It appears that rash vests in particular can take printed logos which are fast and cheap to do.

Does anybody reading know who could help us sourcing logo’d rash vests and towels in UK??

I shall wear my new polo shirt (above) with pride at Datchet just as soon as I get back!!!!

One thought on “Merchandised Kit …!!

  1. Hi ffifteeners, any photos of lifting technics from trailer to the water would be very much

    1 Απρ 2015, 10:11, ο/η The Flying Fifteen Blog έγραψε:

    > >

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