Little details – Chute Smoothing….!!

I just love it the way that one keeps seeing tiny little improvements on our RYA Dinghy Show stand each year.

For interest, I stuffed my camera down the spinnaker chute of each boat on the stand this year, just to take a look under there.  The photos come out a bit blurry (too close for the autofocus) , but you’ll quickly get the idea.

The first boat looked like this.

4033 chute

You can see what we all expect to see – the securing bolts for the jib tack fitting and the bow eye loop.

Now the same test on the second boat, and you see this….

P and B Nosecone

Nothing !!  What you can just make out is a piece of sticky back sail cloth has been placed over the area, making the chute completely smooth and snag free from the bolt ends.

Nice !!

Thanks to Dave Hemmingway for pointing this out to me!


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