Loads More Now at the Waples Wines Northern Travellers ….!!

Waples Wines LogoDave McKee, Justin Waples and the WWNT organising team have been working hard at the value-add part of attending the series.

  • For the Dovestone Event, Andy Weatherspoon is a former ff world champ crewing for Charles at Durban, so knowledge from the top. If weather permits this will include some on the water coaching.
  • There will also have a rules refresher on prestart situations as part of a role out of rules refreshers on different aspects at most of the traveller events.
  • The programme will be rigged but not changed for 10.30 start of coaching. 2 races back to back starting at 2.30 on the Saturday. Sunday 3 races, the first 2 will be back to back starting at 10.30. Notice of race to be added to DSC webpage shortly.
  • At the other opens the coaching input will continue. At Bassenthwaite we have a double header of Phil Evans on spinny flying and Steve Goacher on sniffing out the wind on inland lakes

That’s pretty fantastic, don’t you think?  – first event the weekend after Easter, 11th/12th April

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