Flying Fifteen Carbonology…..!!

FF Jochem 4

(Ed : At the Dinghy Show I met a new Dutch FF Owner by the name of Jochem Visser.  Jochem talked much about his plans to refurbish 3400.  Jochem has kindly sent this item in about replacing his wooden tiller with carbon. Hopefully, as Jochem gets to fit out the boat, we shall see more.  In one of the photos you will see Jochem has been drying the boat out – more than 20kgs came off the weight that way!)

I thought I would share the first piece…….although probably the least important my love for clear coated carbon tempted to me to quickly make a custom carbon tiller for the FF15.

I quickly plained/shaped a piece of 4”x2” pine as a male mould for the the top curved part. Mylar taped it and laminated a couple of layers of unidirectional followed by 4 layers of twill weave carbon for finish. Once I lifted it of the mould I cut the edges and made sure the bottom cut was flat. I than laid another 4 layers of carbon on a flat table and while still wet pressed the top section in the wet laminate. This created a nice box type of construction and hollow inside with no foam core. Many coats of resin and clear coat later this was the result.

It weighed in less than half of the original wood tiller with metal bracket at 427 grams all in……… I can see that you guys will wonder whether that half a kilo is going to make the difference……..but i truly believe in matter (Carbon) over mind. It is not so much the weight but the psychological advantage. Not only do I think I’m faster the other guy looking down on me will think I’m faster too! That’s double the gain.

Now I just need to finish the rest after having a play around with the carbon!

FF Jochem 3


FF Jochem 6


FF Jochem 1

FF Jochem 2


FF Jochem 5

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