The Worlds in France – if You Are Wanting to Go Then Book NOW…..!!

The Worlds Organisers were at the Dinghy Show last weekend.  There is rather a lot of concern that bookings for the Worlds are coming in too slowly.

Are you wanting to go??

I must admit that quite a lot of people have indicated to me that they want to go, and if they can get a wild card entry from the pre-Worlds week etc.  But here’s the rub…. The organisers need at least 80 entries to make the event financially viable, and the cap will have to be 100-110 teams.  The town though is not huge – and if competitors  don’t get themselves booked in soon, there will be no local accommodation left.

There is some talk in the community about opening the event up completely to get the numbers up, but you still need to get lodgings booked if you want to go.

The logic is that the Australia/New Zealand teams will be already booked and their numbers known.  The Irish are sending a couple of teams and they are already booked. The French think they will have 12 teams competing. So probably to make the event viable we want around 60 teams from other countries of which the UK will need to be the biggest.

Expect to hear from the Association and FFI soon.

So if you fancy going, wait no longer else the whole thing could get tricky if all the hotels and guest houses fill up…. which they will in a pretty short period of time.


One thought on “The Worlds in France – if You Are Wanting to Go Then Book NOW…..!!

  1. We don’t actually need to enter until 1st June according to the web site and then only the price goes up after that. So what happens if we book our accommodation and ferries and there are not 80 boats entered by 1st June or any other date? Does it still go ahead if the organisers think it will not be “financially viable”.

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