National Rankings (2014) Prizegiving…..!!

National Ranking Prizegiving march 2015

The 2014 National Rankings were a runaway success for Steve Goacher and Phil Evans.  Phil Evans was at the Prizegiving at the RYA Dinghy Show yesterday to receive the very handsome trophy from Association Secretary, Keith Jamieson.

The trophy, by the way, is really good looking – if you fancy one for your Fleet, just get details from Keith.  Keith is seen here modelling the 2012 shirt from the FF mechanise collection, but was also seen wearing the very sexy 2015 FF Softshell jacket with new logo (see recent Blog photo)

Phil Evans amazingly also found time to pop in to see the Datchet Club Fleet for coffee on his way to The Show,…. and diagnosed my jib luff problem in about 30 seconds flat!! (included in coffee fee…)  The weather was disgusting at Datchet yesterday and though four FF teams were ready to go, the Race Management Team declined to go out!! So it was several coffees….

(Photo by kind permission of Waples Wines, proud sponsors of the Waples Wines Northern Travellers Championships, and the UK Southern Championships at Burnham on May 2nd-3rd.)

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