Flying 20 – And “If You Want to Get Ahead, Get a Coryn” …..!!

I have been looking into the Stebbings of Burnham article on the blog and wondered if any one else has looked carefully at the photos as if you look at the transom I think
the shape is slightly wrong, and there looks to be too much rocker in the area of Station 4 according to my eyes.

I visited Halls yard at Walton on the Naze about 5 years ago and came across what I think was a Flying 20, and I am wondering if it is that or similar we are looking at in
the photo.
Recently I tried to track back the boats I had built and how they had fared, I was surprised how successful they had been particularly in the light of the attack made on
them by Open Circuit sailors !
3478 Winner of a number of races at Grafham

3509. Winner Loch Earn Open

3514. Club Sailed Datchet. Little info.

3518. 3rd Southern Areas

3524 Club Points Winner Dun Laoghire

3528. 1st overall Irish Championships (still winning club races Carsington ? 2011 )

3538. 1st Grafham Open

3546. 1st Club Points Chew Valley

3548 Series winner Cowes

3561. Believed to have won Saturday Series Draycote ( first owner )

3562. 1st Poole open Many times series winner Datchet

3566 Built 96 Club Series Points Winner 2014

3568. Club Points Winner Dun Laoghire

3569. Little known

3584. 2 Times Winner Poole Week

3590. Little known

3595. Winner French Championships ( still winning races against Ovi 10 2014 )

3597 Series winner Aldeburgh

3654. Winner no discard Falmouth Week ( nice prize oysters and champers ! )

3685. Winner French Championships. (13th Worlds)

3 individual boats from 21 built have won a National Championship !

An interesting statistic, so you can race one of these boats successfully if you put your mind to it and ignore the ‘pundits’

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