Outboard Brackets…..!!

( Ed : To be honest, I never thought at the outset of writing the FF Blog that we would have anything much on the subject of FF Outboard motor brackets….. but here we go…..!!!!   Hard line sailors – bite your tongues !!! ….)

photo 4My friends in Canada, Jeff and Barbara Tarris, have kindly sent the following pictures (which you are welcome to publish) of an outboard motor bracket that they have fitted to their Copland. They have also supplied the following comments.photo 2

photo 3.





This unit fastens to the aft of the deck by being bolted through the outer edges which support the gunwhales. The point should be made that the horsepower should be limited to 2 to 3 HP. Also, to reinforce the point of attachment, the void in that area under the gunwhale could be filled in with epoxy. Finally, a lanyard from the motor to the rudder post, just below the tiller is a must in case things go awry with the bracket.

Photo 1Adrian Simpson

1 thought on “Outboard Brackets…..!!

  1. I am facing up to this issue. A low bridge is between the bay and the local boat ramp. For our first sail we used oars to get out but there is always a flow out of the harbor due to underground fresh water flowing from the mountains. This makes returning difficult. Many people asked if I would get an electric outboard but I hate the idea of putting such a thing on a Flying Fifteen. I considered placing the motor off of the side deck with a bracket such as this one. Well we will see.

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