Laminate Sails….!!

A group from the Parkstone F15’s was invited by our resident North Sails supremo, Richard Whitworth, to a tour of their impressive sail loft in Fareham. The attention to detail throughout the build process was evident as was the obvious care taken by each of the team as they assembled the sails.

A lively and exceptionally clear sighted chat with North’s designer Ruairidh (Rory) Scott opened our eyes to some opportunities to improve the class measuring rules and how the current limitation on sail cloth is preventing us from potential longevity and controllability benefits that the more recent laminate materials could afford.

The class made the break away from cotton sails at some point in the past, we’ve utilised carbon in our hulls, spinnaker poles and tillers; is it time for us to move forward and adopt newer materials in our sails (for the main at least) and benefit from longer lasting performance, leeches that won’t curl and power up in windier weather and (joy of all joys) 100% visibility through the mainsail??

Patrick Keats

1 thought on “Laminate Sails….!!

  1. Patrick, very interesting article, from my perspective it is when and not if the class adopt modern sail materials, aferall the class has successfully adopted modern materials in all other areas of the boats construction.

    Bob Alexander


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