Outboards 2 …!!

Hi George, the older Shand boats in Australia, built by the legendary Bill Shand, had a built in stainless steel post in the back tank near the transom. I am told this was used to mount an outboard motor. Perhaps flick him an email (I can forward email address) to find out more,

cheers Cam ff3941

One thought on “Outboards 2 …!!

  1. Thank you for your kind to reply to my question for the outboard bracket. My deck is wooden so I want something strong but distinguishing. I am planning a big trip and there are parts that I will sail behind high rocks so I need the possibility of an outboard,in case something bad happens.I still don’t know if it will be electric or gazoline engine but I must make the bracket for sure. Any other email address to contact is very much wellcome. Thank you George. ff GBR 3296

    4 Φεβ 2015, 12:46, ο/η The Flying Fifteen Blog έγραψε:

    > >

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