Fitting Outboards….!!

I am an owner of a ff in Greece and except from fun sailing with kids and friends I want to prove the abilities of this amazing sailing boat by making a challenge sailing of 200 miles in Greece.There are no races for this boat here and I want to promote and enjoy the boat.What I want is to find a simple solution to install some type of small outboard motor(gazoline or electric just for safety)BUT not to destroy the character of the boat by making the bracket as much as possible invisible.
I would like to have your ideas
Thank you
FF GBR 3296.

2 thoughts on “Fitting Outboards….!!

  1. Hi George, the older Shand boats in Australia, built by the legendary Bill Shand, had a built in stainless steel post in the back tank near the transom. I am told this was used to mount an outboard motor. Perhaps flick him an email (I can forward email address) to find out more, cheers Cam ff3941

  2. Fit a strengthening plate on the side of the cockpit side deck and make up a U section bracket which bolts to the side deck. The first Yngling Class keel boats did this so outboard brackets did not take from there pretty hull form.

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