Isle of Man – An Interesting Future Venue for FF Europeans…??!!

An old friend of mine (and an Irish FF crew), Shane Mugan (cc’d), is now living on the Isle of Man and is exploring whether it would be possible to grow a ff fleet there. One thing we have discussed is the possibility of running an event there. Not so much a national or international event (at this stage, but who knows in the future!!) but a weekend event, perhaps combined with some other like-minded classes that are also strong in both the UK and Ireland. The prospect of attracting visitors from both shores of the Irish Sea would be key. Shane is confident he could secure some sponsorship (e.g. £10k) which might be used to subsidise a proportion of ferry costs or to invest in some desirable prizes etc?? It is too late to do something in 2015 but we did wonder about a bank holiday weekend in 2016. The objective for the first year would be to attract a total of 50 boats (hence the reason for marketing to more than one class).

Given the size and proximity of the Scottish, Irish and UK Fleets – would this make an interesting future Europeans venue??

Jeremy Davy

1 thought on “Isle of Man – An Interesting Future Venue for FF Europeans…??!!

  1. Jeremy
    I think the idea of the Isle of Man is great, a new venue to visit. The key to boat numbers will be the cost of the ferries.

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