PY Handicaps….!!

We had an intriguing discussion at the Datchet Fleet AGM to move scoring in FF Races from first across the line, to PY handicaps.  A very good move for the Club Fleet, I feel – we currently have a large span of boat ages racing.

So it was with interest that I saw this comment come in on the UKFFA website….


(PS I hope you are all following the debate on the last post about “Sail Limitation” – it has 7 comments as of tonight!!!)


I guess by providing different handicaps for open, silver and classic boats, the class recognises that the performance of each age of boat is materially different. It is therefore also reasonable to validate these PY’s against the relative performance of other classes.

Why then should we not use these PYs in handicap racing? It is certainly what we do at our club, and it works pretty well – it is the approach taken by other classes like the Merlin Rocket where significant development has taken place over the years.

At least I understand now that the objective of the recent review was to improve the situation for older open boats, rather than older (i.e. classic and silver) boats – I am glad that my club doesn’t make me sail off 1017, as per your suggestion. I can’t think that there would be many silver or classic boat owners who would be happy with that!

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