That Sail Limitation Rule….!!

As a class measurer in Australia I am very disappointed to read that the class rules regarding the limitation on of sails is not being enforced in the UK. It is very easy to police this as sails, do not get endorsed on the boats certificate if ineligible and cannot be used in any FF sanctioned events.

Bob Beard

8 thoughts on “That Sail Limitation Rule….!!

  1. Dear Bob, as UK Class association secretary and an mesurer I can assure you that the sail limitation rule is being enforced. There is a general opinion afoot that we in the UK do not administer the rules properly this is also not the case. These rumors, opinions and hearsay need to stop immediately, just because one person is of the opinion that a rule is not being administered, does not make it a fact.

  2. Dear Keith, Thank you for the positive reply, my comment was not intended to cast doubts on the integrity of the UK measurers.

  3. Dear Bob

    I reiterate Keith’s comments. Enforcement of the FF Class Rules in the UK has never been a concern to me and the reference to such a concern in the original post on this subject is, perhaps, a little unfortunate because what’s more important is for the FF Class to have an intelligent debate about the sail limitation rule. An intelligent debate might involve asking (and trying to answer) the following questions:

    1. What’s the purpose of the rule?
    2. Does it achieve that purpose?
    3. Is that purpose desirable?
    4. Does the rule have other unintended consequences?
    5. Are those consequences desirable?

    One of the strengths of our great class is the fact that it has an international element to it. Needless to say Bob, any intelligent debate requires the Class to consider its rules in an international context. This is always tricky because it involves us all trying to understand the issues from the perspective of our fellow FF sailors and representatives in other territories. However, I’m sure it is possible to have such a debate and, whilst I currently have a strong opinion on this subject, I’m hoping to stay open-minded and hear what others have to say, particularly those in other FF territories.

    I would be really interested to hear your views and perhaps you could let us have answers to questions 1-5 (above) from your perspective.

    Kind regards,

    Jeremy Davy

    • Jeremy You seem to be living in the past, we have not been known as the territories for many years

      • Hi Bob

        Apologies for using incorrect terminology. During my two year term as President of BIFFA we had many challenges to address in relation to the future of the FF Class in the UK and, as a consequence, I was less focused on the past. Perhaps now I’ve passed on the mantle I’m already out of touch with class semantics!


  4. Dear Bob,

    Interesting comments but there’s absolutely nothing to stop you driving a bus through this rule …….

    Not more than two mainsails, two headsails and two spinnakers shall be registered in the first twelve months. Thereafter not more than one mainsail, one headsail and one spinnaker shall be registered in each twelve month period commencing on the anniversary of the date on which the original measurement of the boat was completed, except that in the event of the change of ownership of the boat, one additional mainsail, one additional headsail and one additional spinnaker may be registered by the new owner in the corresponding twelve month period.

    We’re all agreed it’s a 2 man boat and the crew is probably more important in the successful boat. So what’s to stop the helm passing the registration of the boat to the crew, paying £25 pounds to register it and suddenly a new suit of sails is available.

    The next day change the ownership back and we can have another suit for another £25 extra on a £2000 purchase.

    Has the helm broken any rules ?

    • Ian. I agree with you but your scenario is probable but any official would and should not allow this to happen

      • Hi Bob and others
        why cant we make this rule more straight forward by simply saying that no more than two suits of sails are allowed in one calendar year and forget all the exceptions for worlds etc
        Most people who race flying fifteens wouldn’t want more than one suit each year anyway, and if properly looked after a main should last up to three years whilst a jib and spinnaker would probably need replaced each year

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