Parkstone Fleet AGM…!!

Parkstone has held its class AGM and a few points came up for discussion.

For next year Poole Week becomes a week again with added effort being put into family activities. It was discussed that the first weekend (a bank holiday usually) becomes an open event for the class.
The class voted to put funds towards promoting Poole week and it looks like we will have a stand at the Dinghy show to promote the event.
Another positive for visitors was the decision to increase buoy sizes. Definitely a good thing for Dave Tabb after this week’s first race.

Also up for discussion was the proposal being put to the class to change the rule regarding sail limitations. The discussion was thorough and in general the class was of the opinion that the present rules cannot and are not being policed and therefore are obsolete. Hence the class at Parkstone were in favour of the new proposals. This was discussed in any other business and while it has no relevance at this point the discussion was used to prompt the class too vote when one happens. The fact that we as a class are poor at voting nationally was highlighted.


David Tabb

One thought on “Parkstone Fleet AGM…!!

  1. As a class measurer in Australia I am very disappointed to read that the class rules regarding the limitation on of sails is not being enforced in the UK. It is very easy to police this as sails, do not get endorsed on the boats certificate if ineligible and cannot be used in any FF sanctioned events.

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