Rankings – PYC and HISC Lead The “Top Clubs” List…..!!

In the third analysis that Tom Waples has extracted from the 2014 Rankings, we have results by Club.

It’s pretty interesting reading.  For sure I thought it would be all about HISC, but arguably our Top Club on some ratings is Parkstone.  PYC tops the table for number of competitors in the Rankings (16 boats) and is second to HISC in the points table!!

There’s a long list of teams participating in the National Rankings – around four dozen.  Of course, we should peel back the number of Clubs with just one or two teams competing, but that still leaves us with 20 strong or very strong Club Fleets represented on the circuit. A pretty strong performance for any Class this decade.

Click here to download the analysis

2014 Rankings Club Stats


3 thoughts on “Rankings – PYC and HISC Lead The “Top Clubs” List…..!!

  1. An interesting piece at analysis… I’d be interested to see what this table looks like if the home events were removed ie how much did PYC benefit in the results from hosting the nationals and how many true travellers there were. Also of the number of travellers how many events did they attend? These ought to further demonstrate the strength of the fleet as seen by the 40+ entries at all of the qualifiers this year.

    Also I’d be interested to know who has been included as ‘Big 5’

  2. Around half of the total competitors travelled to an event. But this means only 100 only supported their home event.

    5 clubs had well supported home events but didn’t travel.

    Trust this helps.


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