UK National Rankings – Helm Summary….!!

Tom Waples has kindly completed a lot of extra analysis on the 2014 Race Program.  We shall be writing about various pieces of his work in the coming days.

First up is the Helm Analysis.  You will see that Tom has split the results into a whole number of categories – you may see your name in there!!

There are a number of things that are striking. First off let me say that it’s fantastic to see how dominant Steve Goacher is in the tables.  So many years of such top class results, eh!  Next thing that strikes me is that we now have a category for female helms and our top performer is Christina Moncur – well done, Christina!!

Our most travelled helm?? Mervyn Wright, Fleet Captain at Datchet.

Then we have some other categories such as Average Points per Event, the Big Five Events (Regional and National Championships), then the non-big 5 events.  The big news for me on all these categories is the sheer number of names that come up.  This class has a real depth and breadth to its talent.

Click here to take a look for yourself

2014 Ranking Helm Stats




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