FF World Edition 2 – Advertising Wanted…. !!

Do you have your own business, or are you self employed maybe?  You know when you go to a local concert or similar and the event programs contain adverts promoting  businesses in the area?  If you have considered doing that in the past, would you similarly consider placing an advert in the FF magazine?  It’s tax deductible, isn’t it?  There’s no reason that our magazine should only bear adverts from the sailing trade.  You’ll probably agree that the first edition was stunningly good, but we keenly need a few quid in the bank though to make it all happen.  The amounts asked by the magazine team are very nominal, and indirectly it’s a way for the Government to help out!  Help us if you can – see below.  Ed.


If any FF sailor wishes to advertise his/her business/product in the next issue of FF World at the knock-down price of £100 for a full A4 page, £50 for a half, £25 for a quarter, please contact me asap: crispin.rw@gmail.com or ed.ffworld@gmail.com. Deadline for copy 31st October.


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