Parkstone Winter Series Race 3

Parkstone 141012Saturday 18th of October saw race 3 of the winter series take place. The forecast for heavy winds and rain depleting the fleet a little. However 14 boats started for what turned out to be a no rain day. You just cant trust those forcasters.

Wind however was a different problem varying from 8 knots to gusts of 20 plus. The Osman family set a great course of Olympic triangle followed by a sausage. This was sailed twice (four laps).

A wind shift before the start made the line heavily port biased and it was Crispin Read Wilson and Steve Brown who won the pin and led comfortably at the first mark. They were overhauled on the first windy reaching leg by Bob Alexander and Huw Willets and then David Tabb and Chewey Sherrell. Big winds at the gybe also let Ben and Graham Scroggie into the fray. A luffing match ensued between Crispin and the Scroggies when a loud bang was heard and Crispins mast sheave collapsed leaving him no option but to retire.

The big gusts meant the fleet spread out as downwind boats got away planing while others struggled on the beats.

Bob and Huw led for the rest of the race followed closely by David and Chewey who got close but not close enough due to good covering by Bob. The Scroggies finished 3rd.

The good news from the fleet was excellent close racing was had at all levels. Lisa Randle said ‘It was great we had fantastic racing and we kept 2 boats behind us’. That’s what 15 racing is all about. Any age or size you can get a good race.

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