Keith Jamieson on Rules Observance….!!

I agree with David there are a few in our fleet who quite frankly don’t think the RRS apply to them (a bit like double yellow lines really) and they continue to flout the rules at every opportunity. I am of course assuming they know the rules as given the average age in the fleet is quite high; however I could be wrong and they really don’t. Mind you the number of times this year I heard people asking for “water” at the mark rather than a request for “mark room” then perhaps they haven’t read the updates or changes!

Interesting really the amount of abuse as well I get quite shocked at how angry people get insisting on their supposed “rights” then using their boats like a battering ram, quite ridiculous really. As are the words “oops I didn’t see you” from the give way boat as it rams into the starboard tack boat!

If you can’t abide by the rules or keep your eyes open when you’re sailing then take up golf or go sit under a tree; but don’t come sailing with us!


2 thoughts on “Keith Jamieson on Rules Observance….!!

  1. There has been quite a lot of chat on rules observance I personally find during the start sequence of races lots of bumps and scrapes accompanied by lots of shouting
    do we all know our rules on the start line?
    Race officer’s can help by setting square lines and the correct length of line for the number of competitors

    Bobby Salmond

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