Mike Pearce on Rules Observance….!!

I think education and peer pressure is the way forward. If we rely on umpires, those who deliberately abuse the rules will carry on doing so when not being observed. Winning a clean victory has to be far more satisfying than cheating your way to a win and gains far more respect from your fellow competitors – a double benefit!

One thought on “Mike Pearce on Rules Observance….!!

  1. It is perhaps a truism that as any competition becomes closer and tighter, then the temptation to push against the rules becomes greater.

    Maybe its less about education – after all, who is going to travel to an open meeting with all the expense setting up their boat, booking overnight accomodation, finding an available crew, booking time out from work/wife/husband and still be in the dark about the rules. Seems unlikely.

    On the water, judges would stop the ultra/over competitive element of our racing for sure. But really, this level of pushing at the rule book may just be an indication of a class in rude health – not one that needs education but one that needs reminding that there are rules (which most of them know backwards).



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