Rules Observance…..!!

Message from the Editor: There is a considerable amount of opinion arriving at the Blog as comments on postings for this subject.  Not everybody probably knows how to follow the comments, so I shall republish them as in-line articles so that everyone can see.  This one from Patrick….

I think we do need to take some action, many of the famous (or perhaps fabled) transgressors occupy slots in the higher levels of the fleet; conceivably a deterioration from 1992?

A short term investment in high quality umpiring could be a good thing for the class, the aims should be threefold – firstly to appropriately handle any on-water “issue”, secondly to coach the fleet (at off the water follow up sessions) how any observed “issue” could have been taken through to a successful protest in the absence of an umpire and finally improve the understanding of the entire fleet as to how rules are applied in practice. The goals of the second and third aims being to wean us away from having to use umpires for any longer than necessary.

I have no idea how much an umpire would cost but it would be an interesting question to put to the class as to whether the premium on the open fees would be regarded as a genuine value add and whether likely to encourage or discourage attendance.

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