Yet More on Rules Observance…..

This is a serious problem and from comments made to me this year there does seem to have been a deterioration in rule knowledge, observance over the last couple of years. For the 2015 Waples Wines northern travellers series we are proposing a coaching element on the Saturday morning of each of the 5 opens and this will include easily managed sections on the rules and their application. This type of education is a good way to “up” the focus on the rules and could be considered by clubs or for other series.

I would also like to suggest that for our 5 key events ( Northerns, Southerns, Inlands, Scottish, Nationals), we look at on the water umpiring/judging. This is used successfully at team racing events and there is a pool of skilled umpires that at reasonable cost could attend these events. I would suggest that BIFFA (or whatever we are called these days) funds the first year as an experiment.

David Mckee

2 thoughts on “Yet More on Rules Observance…..

  1. I agree with David there are a few in our fleet who quite frankly don’t think the RRS apply to them (a bit like double yellow lines really) and they continue to flout the rules at every opportunity. I am of course assuming they know the rules as given the average age in the fleet is quite high; however I could be wrong and they really don’t. Mind you the number of times this year I heard people asking for “water” at the mark rather than a request for “mark room” then perhaps they haven’t read the updates or changes!

    Interesting really the amount of abuse as well I get quite shocked at how angry people get insisting on their supposed “rights” then using their boats like a battering ram, quite ridiculous really. As are the words “oops I didn’t see you” from the give way boat as it rams into the starboard tack boat!

    If you can’t abide by the rules or keep your eyes open when you’re sailing then take up golf or go sit under a tree; but don’t come sailing with us!

  2. I think education and peer pressure is the way forward. If we rely on umpires, those who deliberately abuse the rules will carry on doing so when not being observed. Winning a clean victory has to be far more satisfying than cheating your way to a win and gains far more respect from your fellow competitors – a double benefit!

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