WWNT Final Round up…!!

Waples Wines 2014 small64 boats competed with 12 boats qualifying for the series.

Click here to see the final results table

Whilst only two visitors made it to the final event, one team did arrive from Perth, Australia (John Hassen and Dave Sutcliffe)
which surely must qualify them for the greatest distance ever travelled to a Northern Traveller event.
Three races were run on the Saturday in fair winds which produced some extremely close racing, but unfortunately the
competitors spent Sunday morning willing the flaccid club burgee to flutter, which it failed to do. The OD took the sound decision
at lunchtime to abandon racing for the day and so Saturdays results stood.
The winners of the DSC open were David Naylor and Rod Rowlands (DSC) in a Classic, followed by Justin Waples /
Mandy Thackray (RCYC) in a Silver and Graham Massey / Lucy Clough (DSC) in an Open.

The overall winners of the Waples Series were Graham Massey and Lucy Clough from Dovestone, with
Andy Goddard / Mal Hartland + Tom Goddard from Dovestone and Jon and Julia Ward from Ogston second and third respectively.

Malcolm Hall maintained his position of first “non open” boat.

Graham Massey
(On behalf of David McKee)

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