Burton Open – Coming Up…. !!!

Hi everyone, just sitting here at the pub drinking a Pedigree and thinking about our Flying Fifteen open. Traditionally I have made every effort to have a good Saturday night do attached to our event. The word is out on the circuit that Burton is a great place to come too, water, people and fun. Club members and visitors are asking me what were going to do.

So here goes; This year I have been a bit remiss, I thought low key, little effort, but having had 3 pints, I am thinking Bugger it, lets have some fun!

So I cordially invite you all, to the the FF open, BBQ and Seaman Challenge. It will be a night to challenge your nautical knowledge, as well as wine tasting skills and sense of humour.

Planned start time 7:30 pm saturday night in the club house. BBQ cost £5 per person (its cheap so dont expect a 3 course meal) burnt meat and bread yyyyyeeeeaahhhbb thats a British BBQ. Seaman’s quiz is free. Bring your glad rags and sense of humour. All invited, the more the merrier. Prize for best scoring team. Hint, bring a cork screw!!!


Burton Fleet Captain

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