Nationals Results….!!

Did you notice the comment left on the FF Blog by Dave McKee saying that the results published on Y&Y vary a little bit from those on the Parkstone Website??

And by the way, the little technical glitch viewing the Parkstone website has, for me at least, disappeared.  I can read it properly now!

Click here to see the results page at Parkstone.

2 thoughts on “Nationals Results….!!

  1. The results originally announced on Tuesday and put on Y&Y had not applied the second discard that came in after 7 races. The Parkstone team fixed this in the version now on their website.

  2. For me (and its one of my many poor opinions) the ff class should only have one discard per ragatta, irrespective of the number of races sailed. This is not the 49er class or a fragile development class.. A discard is for a shocker, a breakage, injury, an OCS or other indiscretion. Discarding a quarter or more of your scores seems excessive to me for a keelboat class.

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