Weathermax Rules OK….??!!

Today’s email from P&B has made me think for a moment about weathermax covers.

Datchet is a tough environment on covers.  I think it’s all the kerosene that spews out of Heathrow aircraft that does it.  The old type covers get very blackened and sometimes slippery in that environment. Horrible, it is.  I used to get 5-6 years only out of the old type before they needed replacing.  In fact, they used to discolour quite badly even after just a couple of seasons.

I’m just realising that my weathermax cover, from Goacher Sails, is about 18 months old and still looks crisp and new!  So this material is really great.  The only downside I’ve noticed is that when trailing it can rub straight through (where the side supports are), so maybe some strengthening patches there – ironically of the old material! – would work. Other than that, it’s brilliant !

I just looked up the P&B one from their email – it’s a little over £300.

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