David and Goliath Hit Botany Bay…!!

David and Goliath
The Flying Fifteens at Botany Bay have joined in with the mixed Saturday fleet at BBYC to get the last couple of races completed for their series.
And whilst they are scoring against themselves (scratch only) for their series, they are also scoring handicap results against the mixed fleet.

On Saturday AUS3022 – Miss Behaving sailed by Kelly Ryan scored a third on scratch and a first on handicap against a fleet comprising both keel boats and sports boats.
Photo shows Kelly tussling with a Eureka 36 sailed by Grant ‘Grunta’ Mackellar. (The Eureka was eventual scratch winner)

A lot of eyebrows were raised after this race – (plus quite a few comments about a $3000.00 boat whipping the fleet of 100K keelboats J )

The icing on the cake was that BBYC was also hosting the Dragon Class winter regatta this weekend – these skippers were very amused!”


Michael Clark

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