Rudderless Sailing

Can a Flying Fifteen sail without a rudder?

I had the experience of this and thought not.

A couple of years ago my rudder snapped off at the shaft when I was in the middle of the lake. I though no problem, I am a dinghy instructor, I have been trained for this. So I sheeted in the jib and tried to use the main to sail in. Result wasnt so good. The main just kept overpowering the jib and I went around in circles.

Fast forward to now, similar thing happened to a chap last week. His rudder snapped at the blade and he had nothing left but a stump. Not only did he sail it from the far side of the lake but he also berthed it along side the pontoon. What a skill!

The secret it seems is to just let the main right out and forget about it. Sheet the jib in and out and use this for all directional control.

Smashing and a good top tip if you are ever unfortunate enough to have this happen.

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