Bailer Upgrade….!!

Another twist on the Ovington Bailer Upgrade….

Bailer Close UpIn the cockpit pics you may notice a round bar welded across the top of the bailers. (prior to fibre glassing the bailers in as was with both Milne fit outs)
This (pictured) is when the bailer is fully down, the bar restricts the bailer handle from going any further back.
To close the bailer the handle only moves 30 degrees forward and it is up! Simply done by foot- an arch of a matter of 40mm or thereabouts.
I happened on this only by mistake when I was looking to mimic the Vials/Turner arrangement as seen on Datchet Man.
I simply ran out of time to fit it and also decided to squeeze in all of the 18.5 kg’s of lead on the front inside of the console making things very tight.
I had purchased the blocks and fittings but simply don’t see the need.

David Williamson

One thought on “Bailer Upgrade….!!

  1. Very impressive remote control bailer. Does the line used to open the bailer need to pull straight aft, or can it pull straight up? I’m looking to do something similar on my Finn, but we don’t have any room aft. The kits I’ve seen involve an extra lever, and extra turning block, with all lines running up to the centerboard trunk or traveler. See

    It all seems overly complicated compared to the Flying Fifteen welded bar solution. Any advice is greatly appreciated.




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