Spinnaker Halyard Quick Release…..!!

A quick release for the spinnaker halyard has become a common sight in recent times.  In recent days we have published a few of the ideas from David Williamson’s new boat.  Here is David’s take on the quick release….

Spinnaker Halyard ReleaseAs copied from the P&B fit out (RYA 2013), this is how I trip/release also my spinnaker halyard.
Works fantastically well, my crew can also easily reach it. (in the pic it look’s hard to grab. The slack (approx. 100mm)is hanging out the other side of the console).
Differently to the P&B where either side is tied off separately to the trip ring, mine runs through it from the leeward side to the weather side.
This means that when you grab it, the slack takes up to the ball stop on the leeward side and the pulling action from the weather side is effectively 2:1.
So when the ball stop bottom’s out, the 2:1 will always release the tightest of cleated halyards.


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