Has Your Boat Insurance Expired …??!!!

(If it has, I don’t want to race against you!!… Ed)

UPDATE FROM UKGLOBAL: According to our latest records there are still over 50 members who have not yet renewed their craft policy.

If this applies to you, then please note that your craft is currently uninsured.

It is important to note that If you are waiting until your first sailing event before you renew your policy then should your craft be damaged by fire or it causes damage to another craft or other Third Party property during a storm in the meantime for example then you will not be indemnified for the repairs or replacement as there is no policy in force.

Please do not rely on insuring your craft on this policy just for racing. We have seen many claims over the years that have nothing to do with racing (including a number of storm damage claims during the recent adverse weather conditions in February.)

I strongly recommend you contact Natalie or Jerry to renew your policy and ensure you are fully protected:

· Natalie Surridge on 01883 333 522 / natalie.surridge@ukglobalgroup.co.uk; or
· Jerry Dungate on 01883 333 512 / jerry.dungate@ukglobalgroup.co.uk;


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