Here’s something to chew on…the Dragon Europeans currently going on in San Remo, Italy have 85 comeptitors. In Garda we had 40 but how many will go to Palma? So why can’t the F15 class not get close to these numbers?

Tom Waples

3 thoughts on “Europeans….!!

  1. Dragon Class builders have worked at promoting their class. The Flying 15 class worships a builder interested in promoting other classes, and simply using the Flying 15 as a cash cow.

  2. Let’s focus on the Nationals first – it is going to be a fabulous event at Parkstone 5th to 8th July. Generous sponsorship from UK Global / Hudson Wight / Goacher Sails / Hyde Sails / MarKey has been announced so far. There will be Goacher Ale for dry throats and added speed the following day is guaranteed, a jib and vouchers from Hydes for the taking, day jackets from Hudson Wight for the winning helm and crew, hog roast, 2 course formal dinner in a sumptious setting provided by MarKey who have provided t-shirts with our title sponsor UKGlobal who have significantly discounted the entry fee and providing a first class goodie bag. It is going to be a FIRST CLASS event, Parkstone Yacht Club is very excited to be hosting and is pulling out all the stops. The more early entries we have the more sponsorship we can attract and the goodies will keep coming – enter on line now

  3. Because dragon owners are richer than us, sail a genuinely international class, have more time off and a desire to go nice places which are generally expensive……hence they sail dragons and not 15s.

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