Jib Ratchets…..!!

It’s interesting the way that equipment moves onwards and upwards.  Both of the boats on the FF stand at the Dinghy Show had switchable rachets for the genoa sheets.

IMG_2738This is the arrangement on Justin Waples’ boat from the workshops of Phil Evans.  If you have a Mk 10 from Phil Evans at your Club and compare it with the above, you will find that Phil has found the space to move the attachment loop backwards (to the left in this photo) and that gives space for the becket of the ratchet block.

On the Ovington finished boat, they had managed to get a small ratchet cheek block (from the same Manufacturer’s series I think) screwed down on to the platform.  Both implementations used switched ratchets.  To see the Ovington implementation, you’ll need to wait for the BIFFA video tour of the boat.

There will be many husband/wife teams who will be keen to have a think about this!

1 thought on “Jib Ratchets…..!!

  1. Having any type or size of ratchet on the Jib sheet, in my opinion, is absolutely essential for any size, shape or strength of crew. My main reason for having ratchets on the jib sheet is so i can ease the jib a bees wotsit in a lull, or when we need to grunt up the jib for a bit of choppy water… (they are also good for windy two sail reaches when i can’t see anything) Without the ratchet, its hard to control the amount you ease, inevitably you let too much out then re trim. There are others pros as well for ratchets, can’t see many cons apart from the extra ££. For what its worth, we use 40mm switchable ratchet blocks from harken, and we use a 6mm calibrated/marked sheet. Even with 6mm sheets, it does help light wind tacks if you can turn the ratchets off.

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