Datchet Open Meeting, The Mercedes Trophy – Full Results !!

Day 2 dawned with clear blue skies, bright sunshine and a distinct lack of breeze. However, wind was forecast and so all boats made their way to the start for a short postponement. The first race was signalled only 20 min after it was due and in their eagerness to get going pretty much the whole fleet was over. So after resetting following the general recall, the fourth race of the series got underway at the second time of asking.
As with Day 1 the races were conducted on windward leeward coursemaking for tactical and close racing. Race 4 ended with 3957 taking first followed by 3955 and 4024.
Race 5 was quite a tense affair with very few points covering the top 3 crews and all to play for. After more tactical close racing 3955 took first this time followed by 3957.
Race 6 ended for the first 5 in the order of the overall standings with Charles Apthorp and Alan Green taking first in 3957, Richard Lovering and Matt Alvarado (3955) in second, Ian Cadwallander and Bill Chard (4014) third, John Hanson and Helen Selden (3954) fourth and Simon Keller and Dave Lucas (4024) in fifth. Prizes were awarded at a suitable break in the all important rugby game!

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